Best baby monitors of 2021

Best baby monitors of 2021

In this video and article a review of Best baby monitors of 2021.

what's the best baby monitor of 2021?

In this blog, I'm going to tell you about our four favorites in five different categories and why we love them. You'll be shocked to learn that this list even includes a non-WiFi monitor. I hated non WiFi monitors till like two months ago. If you feel like we snubbed your favorite monitor, be sure to tell us in the comments below. We just might even review it if we get enough people yelling at us. And oh, by the way, be sure to stick around till the end of this video to find out how you can win our favorite baby monitor of 2021. We're doing this video high school yearbook style with fun categories like best personality and most likely to not piss me off in the middle of the night. We're going to start off with the coolest tech which is basically like the biggest nerd but the kind you wanna hang out with. 

1. Miku:

We went with the Miku Baby Monitor for this category. But why does cool tech matter in a baby monitor anyway? Other than making you feel cool and superior. Well, it means that companies invested in its product and dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. So it'll be a long time before Miku becomes obsolete, unlike a former favorite baby monitor Laris. Also, this type of high grade tech is what allows the Miku to monitor your baby's breathing without the use of any wearable devices. Miku's internal hardware also includes a built in security chip which, according to them,makes it near impossible for this monitor to be hacked. Uh, just getting something. What's this? We have an honorable mention? Honorable mention, coolest tech. Cubo Ai Baby Monitor.

2. Cubo Ai Baby Monitor:

We are currently testing the Cubo Ai Baby Monitor and the picture quality is so outstanding that I wanted to give it a shout out. So shout out to you Cub And the winner of our next category, best wallet friendly monitor, goes to the Lollipop Cam. So for the many of us on the lookout for a great monitor that won't cause heart palpitations because of its price, we highly recommend the Lollipop. Guys, in the budget-friendly category,

3. Lollipop Cam:

Lollipop Cam straight up licks the competition. I mean it, it really sticks out. And I've gotta say, it's a sweet deal. It provides more than decent video and sound quality, it has excellent night vision and has a variety of mounting options. If you're on a budget, you'd be a sucker not to consider the Lollipop. Yeah I pack a lot of puns in a very short period of time so let's all collectively take a second to catch our breaths. Alright, moving on to the best vital monitoring category. There are a handful of monitor that can now monitor your baby's vital signs, but for us Miku wins out because it's breathing monitoring technology doesn't require your baby to wear any electronic devices. It's not vital to the situation. Yeah?Another one? Honorable mention. Best vitals monitoring.

4. The Nanit Plus:

We wanted to mention the Nanit Plus in this category because although it requires your baby to wear Nanit's custom sleep sack or belly band, they're free of electronics just like Miku. Although the Owlet does a great job of monitoring vital signs, it requires the use of an electronic wearable, which has to come into contact with your baby. And it also means that you have to remember to keep the sensor that goes inside the sock charged. If you want to actually see your baby then you have to buy the camera unit as an add-on. The camera itself has run-of-the-mill features so when your baby outgrows the sock you're left with just an average camera. So probably not the wisest choice in this category. Okay, who wrote this stuff? What do you want? 

5. Eufy Spaceview:

Two months ago this particular category would have been my least favorite, and that category is best non-WiFi baby monitor. We've tested a handful of traditional video monitors now and while they aren't are top choice for monitoring your baby, the Eufy Spaceview stands out in spite of its weird bug-eye design. We really like this monitor for its sound alert feature and because the paring unit's super slim and lightweight. Also if you have twins the Eufy parent unit can connect to multiple child units. Another one? Honorable mention.

6. Summer Infant Zoom HD:

 Best non-WiFi. Summer Infant Zoom HD. Now I really like this monitor because of its movement alert feature.It's customizable and it's a feature that comes in real handy when your baby gets older and becomes much more mobile. On the down side the Summer Infant pairing unit is really clunky and large and not very user friendly. Summer Infant, you win most athletic, because you're big and beefy, and you let me know when my baby's on the move. 

Dishonorable mention. Okay, yup. That makes sense. Infant Optics DX are you kidding me? Have you ever seen the cult-classic Dazed and Confused? The Infant Optics DXR-8 is the Wooderson of the baby monitors, class of 2020. The guy who refused to let go of his glory days. -I'm thinking about getting back in school though, man. [John] And for some unfathomable reason was seen as cool. Well he's not. And neither is the Infant Optics. It's time to grow up. You know, learn some new skills and become a productive member of society. You too, Wooderson. - Alright alright alright.

 Our last category is the best app. This is like best personality like who do you actually wanna spend time with, who's fun and not annoying. So the best app goes to, Nanit Plus. Having a solid app experience is super important when it comes to choosing a WiFi baby monitor.You can have the most advanced monitor in the world but if the app sucks, then you're gonna hate it. The Nanit app has an exceptionally well laid out design and connects very quickly. The main page of the app is free of clutter, directing your eye straight to the video feed. 

The app also captures historical movement and sound information and because you can customize the sound and movement alerts, the historical activity feed is easy to consume, only showing you info that you want to see. The dashboard of the app provides information related to how well your baby slept and gives you a night summary time-lapse video. It also comes with this nifty movement map which is basically a heat map detailing how active your child was at night. But most importantly, the app acts as basically a personal sleep coach that provides detailed and useful information about how to get your baby the best night sleep possible based off analysis o your baby's sleep habits. 

No, it doesn't mean standing crib side screaming "Focus, eyes shut! Remember what we practiced". But, you know that would be cool too. And then because we couldn't help it, we included a best all-around baby monitor category. The valedictorian of the class of best baby monitors 2021. Even though graduation is canceled this year. The award goes to Nanit Plus. App user experience is a crucial feature for any WiFi baby monitor and as I just mentioned, the Nanit Plus knocks it out of the park. The sleep coach tool is unique to Nanit Plus as well. Concerning the fact that it has the ability to monitor breathing, it comes with white noise, two-way audio, and HD video resolution makes this the best all-around the baby monitor of 2021. Nanit, you are most likely to succeed at not pissing parents off.

That's it, you made it to the end and we appreciate you watching. And thanks to the best baby monitors class of 2020. You work hard, you watch our kids, you drain our bank accounts. Hey, you're a lot like real high school seniors. Okay now as promised, here's info on the contest. We're giving away one of each of our top four picks for best baby monitor throughout 2021. So one Miku, one Nanit, one Lollipop Cam, and one Eufy. Here's how to enter to win. Step one, subscribe to our channel. Don't worry, it's awesome, you're gonna love it. Step two, got a question about baby monitors we didn't answer in our video, ask in the comments below and get a bonus entry. Step three, and this is important to finalize your entry, head to and enter your email so we can get in touch with the winners. Oh and in case you didn't know, Fathercraft is more than just a YouTube channel. We have an entire sweet website at

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